About Us



Company Profile

Established in the year, 1999, KMS group is driven by the passion to bring value-added products and services using novel medical technologies in the industry.  Founded and led by Mr. Gaurang Prataprai Kanakia, we have successfully laid down a progressive track record in since the last one and a half decade. Headquartered at Mumbai with our manufacturing unit in Palghar, we have a pan India reach through our widespread supply chain of distributors.
At KMS group, we laid our footing in the industry under the flagship of KMS Medisurgi Pvt. Ltd.  Soon after, the company was made public limited and now known as KMS Medisurgi Limited.

KMS Medisurgi was incepted with the purpose of making medical and surgical devices accessible to every possible medical center and professional. Under the banner, we ventured into ethical marketing and distribution of medical devices, surgical disposables, hemostat, surgery equipment, radiology, oncology, diagnostic equipment, cardiology, critical care, urology, research and many other scientific equipment in India.  With our unmatched services, soon the company made a significant mark in the industry and today, KMS Medisurgi is a known for its repute and par excellence services.
Soon after, we spread our wings into manufacturing and laid the foundation of KMS Manufacturing Company. KMS Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485 certified and holds GMP Drug Manufacturing license.
KMS Manufacturing Co. was instituted with the idea of manufacturing high quality surgical adhesive tapes and dressings using innovative technology and making them available to the healthcare industry in India through our wide spread network.  We manufacture high quality surgical adhesive tapes for the healthcare industry in India.
Our consistent innovative inclination and the best quality products that we offer, has made us the leader for adhesive surgical tapes and dressings in India.
KMS Group also has its footing in the domain of stock broking and commodities and offer its services under the flagship of KMS Stock Broking Company Pvt. Ltd.


Vision & Mission


We are dedicated to bring excellence in the domain of surgical product manufacturing world-wide and are committed to play a pivotal role in the Health-care value-chain by cultivating long-term partnership with our clients and provide assured quality products and services for unwavering customer satisfaction.


We aim to become a leading manufacturer and preferred supplier of quality surgical instruments in the Health-care industry.  The word ‘Quality’ infers that our surgical products carry the most sophisticated technology and advanced features for the proposed end-use, along with the ease of usage and cost-effectivity.

It is our endeavor to constantly engage in new developments and re-engineering products to advance and continuously improve our offerings. With relentless innovation and adherence to highest quality standards, we intend to be a global provider of advanced surgical products for medical & industrial use.

Core Values

1. People
We believe people are the most important aspect of any enterprise, be it our employees or customers. We have a ‘People First!’ culture and are focused on building strong and long-term relationships that drives our business.

2. Safety First
Safety of our people is the utmost priority for us. We ensure all safety rules are followed and provide a safe working environment to our people.

3. Product
Our offerings to the healthcare industry is making a significant difference. We consistently incorporate innovative technologies to better our products.

4. Quality
We are consistent in the quality of our products and services and that’s what makes us stand out in the industry.

5. Integrity
We have a high integrity culture in our company and operate with complete transparency and honesty.