Hydrocolloid Dressings

By providing a moist and insulating environment for healing wounds, it protects them while allowing the body’s enzymes to help healing.The fluid is absorbed and transported by polyurethane foam matrix to the breathable polyurethanefilm outer layer. This tri-laminate combination enhances the total fluid handling capacity of the dressing whilst also ensuring the moisture is regulated within the wound. This maintains a moist wound environment and Dresscoll® HYDROCOLLOID DRESSING Basic absorbs exudates into the hydrocolloid matrix and forms a cohesive gel which enables removal with little or no damage to newly formed tissue.


• Keep away from direct sunlight
• Store below 25’c
• keep away from water




– Adheres to Healthy Skin
– Does Not Adhere to The Lesion
– Impermeable to Liquids & Bacteria
– Intended For Use In The Treatment of Deep Exudative Wounds Such as Pressure Sores, Burns, or Leg Ulcers


• Maintaining a moist wound environment.
• Aiding autolysis.
• Promoting angiogenesis.
• Promoting granulation.
• Providing a bacterial barrier, reduces risk of infection.
• Providing a waterproof barrier.
• ReduceS maceration of the pRE-wound skin.
Dresscoll® HYDROCOLLOID DRESSING Basic is composed of hydrocolloid strips foam backed.This gives Dresscoll® HYDROCOLLOID DRESSING Basic the advantage over other products that foam can absorb at zero time of application since exudates could pass through the hydrocolloid stripes to foam layer before gelling of hydrocolloid which takes time to gel.