Kinesiology Tape

FYSIOFLEX ┬« Kinesiology Taping is a treatment option if you’ve had an injury or illness that leads to mobility and motor function problems. It involves placing strips of special tape on your body in specific directions to help support your joints, like knee, ankle, or wrist, as well as muscles and tendons. It can be used to help facilitate muscle function, stabilize joints, or inhibit muscles from contracting improperly. It can also be used to help decrease pain, swelling, and muscle spasms.


Fysioflex® kinesiology tape


  • used to facilitate motion can improve circulation muscle facilitation
  • improvement of lymphatic drainage (swelling) and blood flow
  • reduced muscle fatigue
  • reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness
  • pain inhibition
  • correcting the alignment of weak muscles and facilitating joint motion
  • lifting the skin, which increases the space below it increasing the blood flow and circulation of lymphatic fluids.