Non Woven Frame Style Dressing

Dresspore Non-Woven Adhesive Dressing with Pad is a water resistant , hypoallergenic post-operative dressing that is sterilised using Gamma and ETO methods. It is soft and conformable and comes with an absorbent adhesive pad to provide a comfortable and secure fixation to the patient. It is used in accidents and during emergencies for cuts, lacerations, sutured wounds, and is ideal for post-operative treatment. It suits all skin types, offers comfortable protection and reduces the risk of skin irritation or infection. – needs work


– Post-Operative Dressing
– Highly Absorbent Pad
– Safe & Secure Fixation
– Sterilised and Packed in Peel Pouch
– Useful in Accidents and Emergencies For Cuts, Lacerations and Sutured Wounds.
-Water Resistant

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