Soft Gel Surgical Tape


Surgiban is made using a highly breathable non-woven fabric and extremely gentle medical-grade adhesive. It features a unique adhesive that is specially formulated for highly sensitive, fragile, and at-risk skin. Designed to secure dressings, devices, and tubings on human skin. It is latex free, suits all skin types, offers comfortable protection and reduces the risk of skin irritation or infection. 


• Keep away from direct sunlight
• Store below 25’c
• keep away from water


– Highly Sensitive
– Extremely Gentle Adhesion
– Secures Dressings, Tubings, Cannula, Catheters, Ostomy Appliances, etc
– Safe For Taping Fragile or At-risk Skin
– Repositionable


Dressing fixation e.g
• Skin sensitized to traditional adhesive tape
• Babies with fragile skin
• Elderly patients with dry or fragile skin
• Patients undergoing radiation treatments

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