Transparent Surgical Tape

Surgipore Trans is made using a polyethylene material and strong medical-grade adhesive that is gentle on the skin. A transparent, hypoallergenic surgical tape with a bi-directional tear that is designed to secure dressings and tubings on damp, dry or at-risk skin. It is latex free, suits all skin types, offers comfortable protection and reduces the risk of skin irritation or infection.


• Keep away from direct sunlight
• Store below 25’c
• keep away from water




– Microporous
– Waterproof
– Gentle On Skin
– Perforated For Easy, Straight Tear
– Good Initial & Long-Term Adhesion
– Easy To Handle With Gloves
– Safe For Taping Fragile or At-Risk Skin
– Secures Dressings to Damp or Dry Skin
– Anchors Tubes and Other Devices


•  Long-lasting adhesion
• Well tolerated by skin